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I just listened again to Volunteers, the last Jefferson Airplane album with the 'classic' lineup. 1969. Perfect. Sometimes sloppy. Sometimes over dramatic. But perfect.

And Grace Slick. Grace. Slick. Perfect.


Except for the 30% or so who've drunk the Kool-Aid, can we all agree that Brexit is not working out as advertised? And that the Republican Party in the USofA has sold its soul to a cadre of authoritarians who think they are the true small-d-democrats but who don't want everybody to have a vote and won't abide by a vote that they don't like? How did it happen that, in the name of political conservatism, two countries put into power incompetent leaders financed by greedy elites?

And I just read that Michael Gove thinks that Liz Truss is toast because her agenda has been shredded. Whose agenda has been shredded more thoroughly than Gove’s and why would any thinking person be interested in his opinions except to listen carefully and then run screaming in the opposite direction?

EDIT: Truss has resigned.That didn't take long, did it? So maybe Gove was right. Well, even a broken clock...

EDIT 2: Boris again? Really? The Whack-a-Mole PM!


You are looking at the new official state dinosaur of Massachusetts. Seriously. Won with 60% of the online vote over the losing dinosaur. Signed into law by the governor. If you thought that American politics were no joke, think again.


Every time hunting season rolls around in France, folks on social media get their knickers in a twist. Some people just can't get their head around rural life. Folks hunt for food. Folks hunt to protect their crops. Folks hunt. And like what happens in just about any human endeavor, sometimes folks who shouldn't be hunting hunt. And they hunt badly. Dangerously. Tragically dangerously.

In the news right now is one such tragedy. A woman, a British woman living in France with a French partner, was shot and killed by that partner in an accident. Oddly enough, that seems to be a theme of such hunting accidents in France. The victim knew the shooter well. So maybe it shouldn't be the people who live near the hunters who should worry. Maybe the people who live with the hunters should.


Why do folks who rant about self checkout at their grocery store have no problem pumping their own gas? Asking for a friend…from New Jersey.


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