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Having discussed breakfast (See Meal #1 ), it's now time for lunch. A sandwich. A sausage sandwich. Across the Pond in the Colonies, particularly in the Northeast, there's a thing about sausage sandwiches. They are ubiquitous, hefty and chewy and overstuffed and sloppy and seldom very remarkable. The bread isn't as good as the bread here in France. The sausages are basic pork sausages, not very interesting. And the other ingredients...well, you get the picture. I'm a fan of French food...locally sourced, in season, grown for the taste and not the ability to be shipped across a continent. But I do miss a good sausage sandwich. So let's put together a suitably French version. Ingredients: I start with a loaf Aveyronnais from our local baker. It's crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, a bit bigger in circumference than the average baguette but a bit smaller than the petrissane that I had for breakfast, and nice and grainy. Made, logically enough, exclusiv


The Southern Woman That I Married is visiting family in the Colonies. I'm on my own. That's not to say that friends haven't stepped up with dinner invites. They say that they are 'taking care of me' as if I'm incapable of feeding myself. But I do know my way around the kitchen. And I don't mean that I can heat a frozen pizza.(Well, I can. But only once in a while.) Every student, solo apartment dweller, and spouse winging it alone has relied on scrambled eggs for sustenance at some point. They're cheap and they're easy and we know how to fix them just the way that we like them. So why am I writing about scrambled eggs? Well, you've got your recipe and I've got mine. After a great deal of experimentation - and not a few failures - I've finally come up with a method that works for me. Every time. Since I've probably tried your recipe already, it's time to see if you are willing to try mine. Now, I know that there are many scho


When Cathey suggested that we have lunch out on Sunday and that we stick close by, Le Terminus immediately came to mind. It's just down the road, we've eaten there on several occasions, and we've always enjoyed it. So I was surprised to find that I'd never fully reviewed Le Terminus as I searched through my blog. True, it appeared on a couple of lists of restaurants worth a visit. But a formal review? Nope. Couldn't find one. So here goes. Located in the old train station between the towns of Quarante and Cruzy, the new young owners have created a thriving, bustling dining experience. In the summer, there are tapas nights with music. Special meals are featured on major holidays, even for take-out. The 16 euro lunch menu is always interesting. So Le Terminus is a local hotspot. On the Sunday that we arrived, the shabby-chic main dining room was fully packed. (And a bit noisy...) And the 16 euro weekday formula menu had morphed into a 30 euro menu. But one expects p


IRA’S BLEND #47: BROC/TROC/VIDE-GRENIER FINDS Broadcast 18-9-2016 Host/Engineer: Ira For: Listen to archived show on Mixcloud HERE Norah Jones – Sunrise Norah Jones – In the Morning Norah Jones – Don’t Miss You at All // Joni Mitchell – Coyote Joni Mitchell – Amelia Joni Mitchell – Black Crow // Elvis Presley – That’s All Right Elvis Presley – Blue Moon of Kentucky Elvis Presley – Good Rockin’ Tonight // Genesis – Living Forever Genesis – Domino: Part 1 – In the Glow of the Night, Part 2 – The Last Domino // ZZ Top – My Head’s in Mississippi ZZ Top – I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide ZZ Top - LaGrange // Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana – In Bloom Nirvana - Lithium // Etta James – At Last Louis Armstrong – A Kiss to Build a Dream On Sarah Vaughan – My Funny Valentine // Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes – Fever Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes – This Time It’s for Real Southside Johnny a


Different lineup. But same music... One of the unexpected perks of living in this region of the south of France involves the interest in history, both political and cultural. And the cultural history is rich and diverse given the waves of influences that have washed over the region. The Troubadours Art Ensemble's recent program in the Eglise Sainte-Eulalie in Cruzy exemplifies the interest that diversity holds for local audiences as well as the pleasing - and somewhat surprising - professionalism of many of the presentations that we have had the pleasure to attend. Well over 100 people attended the free concert on a recent Friday evening. To my surprise, there wasn't even a donation basket in evidence - a free concert that was totally free! I'd never been in Cruzy's church before. It's a fine example with an impressive altar piece, fine statuary, several side chapels, and the wonderful acoustics that allow for easy listening to vocal music without amplifi


1. Researchers looking in places with high incidences of traffic congestion have found magnetite in peoples' brains, not the natural type but the stuff that comes out of car exhausts. The natural type is found in the plaques in the brain that often accompany Alzheimer's Disease. So car exhausts may cause... Shit! 2. My Granny could run the 100 yard dash in 9 seconds flat. Uber is a ride-sharing service. Which of these statements is true? Did you answer NOTA (None Of The Above)? Good for you. Because Nana might have been quick, but she wasn't fast. And every Uber driver travels from the mall to the grocery store to the burbs and back again and back again and back again every day and is just looking to share the cost... 3. Continuing on a car theme...Headline: Paris Police Thwart Car Bombing A car parked in a No Parking Zone near Notre Dame Cathedral, hazard flashers flashing, without license plates, sat for two hours before the police investigated. They found that t


IRA’S BLEND #46: JAZZ VOCAL STANDARDS Broadcast 14-9-2016 Host/Engineer: Ira For: Listen to archived show on Mixcloud HERE Diana Krall – Dream a Little Dream of Me Arthur Prysock – I’m Through with Love Chet Baker & Kenny Burrell – You’re Mine You // Natalie Cole – Ask a Woman Who Knows Dianne Schuur – The Very Thought of You Helen Merrill – Born to Be Blue // Jeri Southern – If I Had You Gladys Knight – Since I Fell for You Michael Buble – Too Close for Comfort // Anita O’Day – Crazy He Calls Me Cassandra Wilson – I’m Old Fashioned Brian Blade – Brother // Queen Latifah – I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl Morgana King – Bill Tony Bennett w/ Bill Charlap – I Get Along Without You Very Well // Chaka Khan – Lullaby of Birdland Aaron Neville – Cry Me a River Dorothy Dandridge – Stay With It // Billie Holiday – God Bless the Child Rosemary Clooney – Deed I Do Teddi King – A Cottage for Sale // Shir