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Broadcast 24-7-2016
Host/Engineer: Ira

Listen to archived show on Mixcloud HERE

Bob Marley – Natural Mystic
Ambelique – Walking On the Moon
Barrington Levy – Warm and Sunny Day
Gregory Issacs – Warning
Sly & Robbie – Stick By Me
Freddy McGregor – Sugar Baby
John Holt – Be My Girl
Dennis Brown – Hold On to What You Got
Sugar Minott – Devil Pickney
Black Uhuru – Leaving to Zion
Don Carlos – Better Must Come
Stepper – Frenchman in Kingston
Passenger 7 with Lena – I’ll Be Missing You
Tarrus Riley & Jimmy Riley – Stronger
Owen Grey – Island in the Stream
The Heptones – Take Me Darling
Motherless Child – I Shot the Sheriff (Dub)
Sly & Robbie – Danger Zone
Dennis Brown – Sitting and Watching
Don Carlos – Rivers of Babylon
Freddy McGregor – Roots Man Skanking
Bob Marley African Herbsman
U Roy – Night Nurse
Sly & Robbie – World A Music
Jackie Edwards – Let Me Girl Go
The Wailers – No Woman No Cry (Dub)
Ken Booth – Silver Words
Gegory Isaacs – Slave Driver
Lee Scratch Perry – Throw Some Water In


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