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Cities/Towns to Visit:
Cazouls les Beziers: Our village. Not a touristy town but near to all the good stuff.

Narbonne: Population of about 50,000. Nice city to walk. Great cathedral.

Beziers: City of about 70,000. Another great cathedral. Commercial center.

Carcassonne: Walled city where Costner filmed the exteriors for his Robin Hood.

Montpellier: City of 270,000. University town with loads of culture and history.

Albi: Scenic city. Home of the largest collection of Toulouse-Latrec's works.

Coilliure: Tourist trap on the Med where the Impressionists came to paint.

Arles: Center of Roman influence with a canal built to the Med 2100 years ago.

Avignon: Seat of the Papacy in the 14th Century.

Domaine Treloar
Chateau Caza Viel
Chateau Saint Martin des Champs
Domaine La Croix Belle

Auberge de la Croisade

Olive Co-op


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