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"...second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning..." Peter Pan's directions don't exactly describe the route to L'Auberge Vigneronne, but after a couple of switchbacks and several single-lane bridges on a road above St. Chinian that climbs continuously until it ends in the little hamlet of La Bosque, you might think that they do. That's OK, though. Like arriving in Neverland, you'll be pleased that you made the trip. No. L'Auberge Vigneronne is not Michelin quality. No dots or squirts or foams. And the green beans were probably out of a can. But it's one of those quirky, one-off French restaurants that's worth a visit now and again to remind you that French farmhouse cooking is worth the freight. And that's more than good enough for us..  How about a homemade, nut-based liqueur for an aperitif and a homemade quince liqueur for a digestif ?  For starters, try an omelet, laced with wild asparagus, straight from a hen that


AOC & HILLARY They've got their knives out and they are coming after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She only has another forty years or so of savaging to endure before she can truly understand how Hillary feels. BREXIT Is Bercow a hero or a villain? In my estimation, he's the adult in the room. Even if you believe that he is interfering, that interference demonstrates a level of competence that I haven't seen from May or Corbyn or just about anyone else in Parliament. BOEING From what I have read, since a plane may stall if it climbs at too steep an angle, Boeing put sensors on the 737 Max to automatically nose the plane down if the sensors detect what the sensors consider a dangerous climb angle. It may be that a single malfunctioning sensor caused two recent crashes. I repeat...MAY be. My reading further indicates that sensors automatically nosing down planes at takeoff is a known phenomena. Pilots are actually trained in the override procedure. That training MA


Because cats... Because Spring...   And here are some older ones just to fill in...


"Of course people don't know what to make of it," opined famed linguist Noah Lipski. "She spoke in complete sentences. She didn't obfuscate. She didn't patronize. She stated her position clearly and unequivocally. She provided an alternative position. In writing. The encounter was so atypical of modern political discourse that it boggles the mind." Lipski was referring, of course, to the recent encounter between between Senator Dianne Feinstein and a group of young activists lobbying her in support of the Green New Deal. The following statement was released by Feinstein's office: "After my friend and colleague Nancy Pelosi demonstrated that it's not wise to take women of a certain age lightly, that you were likely to hear truth spoken, I thought that the youngsters who came to my office would understand the value of hearing from a woman with considerable political experience. I was wrong. Next time, I'll be certain to just pretend th